Refinancing is not about churning through different lenders for the sake of it but it is vitally important that the loan you have suits your needs and if those needs change, so should your loan.  That's why everyone should have a financial health check every two years.

Call Runmore Loans for yours. It's no cost, and if we can't find you a loan that suits you better than the one you currently have we'll give you the confidence of knowing it. And while no one likes the idea of changing banks, the process is made that much easier with Runmore Loans.

We have access to lenders who operate Fast Refinance processes, which means you never have to speak to your old bank again and the whole process can be done in 5 days from time of approval. Plus we act as your agent in the process and let you know exactly what you need to do to make the change as seamless and pain free as possible.